Who Says Crossbows are Just for Men?

By on September 26th, 2014.
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Hunting is often looked at as a man’s hobby or sport. But we all know, what men can do, us girls can do better. Looking for hunting gear as a woman can be intimidating and tough because the vast majority of gear is made to appeal and work for men. However, if you walk into the outdoor store knowing what you are looking for you can avoid a lot of the hassle.

The amount of crossbows in the market is increasing and the features are growing. While most crossbows are great quality and have new features it is still important to go into the store knowing what it is you are interested in.

Important things to consider when choosing your crossbow are budget, weight, draw weight, speed and scope power. As far as draw weight goes, it is important to remember that the heavier the draw weight, the faster and more powerful the bow is. Draw weights vary from about 75 pounds to 175 pounds. While a powerful bow is important and desired, it is important to find a draw weight that works well with your strength.

The speed of a cross bow is measured in FPS, feet per second, and affects the size of game you can hunt with that bow. Finding a bow that shoots around 300 FPS is recommended. Any faster would be recommended for an expert hunter and any lower is not a high quality bow. This speed is perfect for hunting large game and getting an accurate shot.

Having a good scope on your crossbow is important to have good aim when hunting. You want to be able to have an accurate shot while staying far enough from your prey that you can have a chance at a shot. As hunters know it is important to not scare away your prey or you will end up having a very quiet night in the woods. Keep in mind that you want to make sure the scope fits your crossbow properly and does not get in the way of shooting.

A good beginner’s crossbow that works great for woman hunters is the Excalibur Axiom SMF. This crossbow is powerful, with a draw weight of 175 pounds. It is also lightweight which makes it easy to carry while hunting. This recurve bow is only $500 which is a great price for a bow. The  Excalibur Matrix is more expensive but it’s also a good model.

As woman hunters, we have to stay confident when looking for our hunting gear. Being knowledgeable of what we are buying is very helpful when shopping in outdoors stores that are marketed towards men and full of men workers.

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