The Girly Guide to Buying a Baby Buggy

By on September 4th, 2015.
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babytransitIt is known that more often than not, women do the shopping in the family, and it’s no different when shopping for baby essentials. This has nothing to do with gender or being feminist, but the truth is that women are better at shopping. A woman having a baby would first look for a good stroller that she can use to bring her kid along when shopping for more stuff. Because the demand for strollers is high, there are many manufacturers that make them. Most moms should make sure that they are buying a quality buggy because they are going to be their best friend for a while.

If you are a new mom, and you are out shopping for a good buggy that will fit your taste, you need to read this guide to get you started.

Determine an overall budget.

There are many types of strollers, and they are made to fit any budget. You can buy brand new strollers for a decent price, but you are sure to save more money if you buy second-hand ones. No matter what kind of stroller you have in mind, it’s still best to decide on your budget first before you go shopping. By doing this, you will narrow your selection and save more time shopping.

Make sure the stroller will fit inside your car.

Being a girly mom, you must make sure that your stroller can fit inside your car after folding it. You don’t want to be stuck with a stroller that is too big that you won’t be able to fit it at the back of your vehicle when you need to drive around. This is important when you’re buying a pram because it generally takes up more space than the regular lightweight strollers. This is why there are strollers that feature a slick and easy way of folding so you can easily slide them inside your car. The main factor with these types of strollers is the convenience that you get when you need to store them, and it is a good idea to consider especially because you don’t want to break your nails.

Look for a stroller that you can easily fold

There are new strollers that are equipped with the one-hand folding feature, and this is great for girls. The one hand feature will make it super easy for you to fold your stroller—it won’t require any effort at all. This feature will make sure that you don’t get too exhausted when you take your baby out on a date. Having this feature on your stroller will also ensure that you look fabulous all day long.

Consider the design and aesthetic value of the stroller.

You don’t want to be caught steering an ugly stroller. Moreover, you wouldn’t want your baby riding one, would you? Aesthetics might be overlooked by some but for women of fashion, we want our strollers to be as beautiful as we make ourselves everyday. Select a color that you think will make your baby look like a queen or a king when he’s riding his stroller. You can also opt for a stroller that has interchangeable colors for your different wardrobes.

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