The Girly Guide to Buying a Baby Buggy

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babytransitIt is known that more often than not, women do the shopping in the family, and it’s no different when shopping for baby essentials. This has nothing to do with gender or being feminist, but the truth is that women are better at shopping. A woman having a baby would first look for a good stroller that she can use to bring her kid along when shopping for more stuff. Because the demand for strollers is high, there are many manufacturers that make them. Most moms should make sure that they are buying a quality buggy because they are going to be their best friend for a while.

If you are a new mom, and you are out shopping for a good buggy that will fit your taste, you need to read this guide to get you started.

Determine an overall budget.

There are many types of strollers, and they are made to fit any budget. You can buy brand new strollers for a decent price, but you are sure to save more money if you buy second-hand ones. No matter what kind of stroller you have in mind, it’s still best to decide on your budget first before you go shopping. By doing this, you will narrow your selection and save more time shopping.

Make sure the stroller will fit inside your car.

Being a girly mom, you must make sure that your stroller can fit inside your car after folding it. You don’t want to be stuck with a stroller that is too big that you won’t be able to fit it at the back of your vehicle when you need to drive around. This is important when you’re buying a pram because it generally takes up more space than the regular lightweight strollers. This is why there are strollers that feature a slick and easy way of folding so you can easily slide them inside your car. The main factor with these types of strollers is the convenience that you get when you need to store them, and it is a good idea to consider especially because you don’t want to break your nails.

Look for a stroller that you can easily fold

There are new strollers that are equipped with the one-hand folding feature, and this is great for girls. The one hand feature will make it super easy for you to fold your stroller—it won’t require any effort at all. This feature will make sure that you don’t get too exhausted when you take your baby out on a date. Having this feature on your stroller will also ensure that you look fabulous all day long.

Consider the design and aesthetic value of the stroller.

You don’t want to be caught steering an ugly stroller. Moreover, you wouldn’t want your baby riding one, would you? Aesthetics might be overlooked by some but for women of fashion, we want our strollers to be as beautiful as we make ourselves everyday. Select a color that you think will make your baby look like a queen or a king when he’s riding his stroller. You can also opt for a stroller that has interchangeable colors for your different wardrobes.

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A Girl’s Guide to the Best Mattress: Memory Foam

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uponamattressEvery girl has to be comfortable in her bed. You don’t want any bumps or any problems that would cause trouble in your sleep. Today, memory foams are considered the most popular when it comes to luxury as far as beds are concerned. They are designed to provide extra support and comfort when your regular mattress is not good enough. First if you’re aching when you wake up and having trouble in making sure your sleep is continuous, then you should start looking for a memory foam mattress. As far as sizing, you just simply need to make sure the new one that you will buy matches that one that you have (given that it’s already perfect for you), if you buy a smaller one, it can be very uncomfortable and will just give you more problems. And don’t even think about cutting it because it’s not an option. Therefore, it’s imperative you have the right measurements.

Of course, you might encounter problems, just like retaining body heat. A huge problem that a lot of people find in the summer months and the smell that comes along with it can be very unpleasant. But that can be easily resolved by making sure you regularly change your sheets. There are tons of benefits to this kind of products too, once you have broken them in, you will have a better understanding why they are so popular. It’s very comfortable as it molds your body to it almost guaranteeing that you will have a very good night sleep every single time. If you have any health issues relating to your previous mattress, then good news, you will find that they will drastically improve. These foams have a lot of health benefits, especially for people with history of allergies, they never attract bed bugs as they cannot possibly propagate on the foam itself. Dust mites are also now a non-factor with these foams which ensures that will feel clean and healthy. Don’t forget that the only time you will have a problem with memory foam is that if you are allergic to rubber, the material which this product is made of. Also, you will soon realize that you can breathe better in your sleep, and your sleeping area will be way healthier.

We should also know about the risks, the memory foam will give out a chemical-like smell when first unwrapped, but don’t need to worry this smell will dissipate on it’s own. There will be no issues with toxic chemicals, and the foam is not considered hazardous to sleep on.

If you are wondering about how often you have to replace your foam, well if kept clean, well maintained and in perfect condition then your foam will last many years before it even has to be replaced. Don’t forget to vacuum when you are cleaning the mattress and you should never use water when cleaning because this will damage the material. Never clean it with any chemicals whatsoever.

Find the right mattress for you, visit Upon a Mattress to know more.

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Tarot Readings: Are They Right for You?

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tarot readerSo many people are skeptical of tarot card readers and psychics. The subject is difficult to explain and the only way to find proof in the process is to see how accurate your reading is. However, even when you do get your future looked at by a psychic even a small change in actions can shift your future.

But why wouldn’t we want to know our future? As girls, we often find our self over obsessing about what the future has in store for us. Is the guy we are currently with the one for us? Is he up to no good? Are we making the right career choice or is this class were considering taking a good idea? With all of these questions we ask ourselves why wouldn’t we want to try a tarot card reading?

To find a genuine psychic, you must look for someone who truly possess ESP, or extra sensory perception, this means they can see and hear things from paranormal sources. Although this may seem hard to believe ESP is a real gift that psychics discover at some point in their lives, sometimes even as young children. Often times, psychics are also mediums meaning they communicate with spirits of deceased people to see your future.

Different Mediums Used by Psychics

Most psychics use things like tarot cards or even crystal balls to focus on their reading and connect with spirits. In many cases, a psychic will have their own spirit guide. All psychics vary and so will their readings, although you will find most of them to be very, very similar. And you should keep in mind that the future is never set in stone because one decision can lead to a different outcome. Psychics will usually tell you that their reading is based off the path you are on now.

So where do you start when you make the decision to go to a psychic? There are many sites that claim to give you readings or use virtual tarot cards. While many of these work well for people it can be a good idea to go to a psychic somewhere near you that may be able to connect with the spirits that are around you. You can search for local tarot card readers online.

Keep in mind that many psychics will have a specialty that they prefer to give readings on such as love or family readings. If there is a specific area of your life you are interested getting a reading on these specialty psychics may a good choice. This is applicable when you want a love reading or other specific aspects of your life. Otherwise, you want to make sure you are going to a psychic who gives readings on all areas.

Remember to keep an open mind when going to a psychic and be open to their reading. Psychics are not in business to scare or trick anyone. They simply tell you what they see and hear when focusing on paranormal sources.


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Getting Started with Juicing

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Being a girl, there are so many things to worry about. Our hair, skin and body are just a few of the things we are constantly worrying about and trying to improve. But what if I told you there was something that could fix all of these problems?

We’ve all heard it before, “Eat your fruits and vegetables to stay healthy.” But seriously! These foods have vitamins that help improve acne, keep your hair and nails long and healthy and give you a lean figure. For most of us though five servings a day can be a little scary. I mean, I can only eat leafy greens so many times a day! Using a juicer for green leafy vegetables should make it easier!

Juicing can solve this problem! By mixing the right amount of delicious, sweet fruit with nutritious vegetables you can enjoy a delicious smoothie like meal and improve your health immensely! I am here to tell you how to start juicing, what juicer is best for you, and how much to spend on a juicer.

Types of Juicers in the Market

There are a few types of juicers to consider for making basic juices with most fruits and vegetables. When researching online or walking through the juicer aisle of the store you will see centrifugal juicers, masticating juicers and triturating juicers.

Centrifugal juicers are known for being quick and for people with on the go lifestyles. If you are just looking to make quick juices before you run out the door for work, this type of juicer is the best option. Masticating juicers are the next step up. They take a little more time, can juice a bigger variety of fruits and vegetables and get more nutrients out of the produce. Finally triturating juicers are recommended for the most advances juicers. They require a lot more time, give you the most nutritious and flavorful juice and can juice almost all fruits and vegetables.

Cost of juicers

For a good juicer you can expect to pay anywhere from 200 to 400 dollars. Although this may sound like a hefty price to pay, it can actually save a lot of money when you compare it to buying a smoothie, juice or coffee every morning. Buying a $5 drink every morning for a year adds up to $1,825.

By making your own juices you also know all of the ingredients you are putting into your body. You can chose exactly what produce and vitamins you want to consume more of and make sure to add them into your daily juice. There are so many juicing recipes on the internet that are delicious and so healthy.

Sample juicing recipe

One of my favorite juices is an easy to make, four ingredient juice that is sweetly delicious and full of great vitamins. The recipe is: 1 pear, 1 beet, 1-2 inches of ginger, 1 ½ cups of pineapple chunks.

So what are you waiting for? Today is the best day to change your life, get healthy and start a better life style.

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Who Says Crossbows are Just for Men?

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Hunting is often looked at as a man’s hobby or sport. But we all know, what men can do, us girls can do better. Looking for hunting gear as a woman can be intimidating and tough because the vast majority of gear is made to appeal and work for men. However, if you walk into the outdoor store knowing what you are looking for you can avoid a lot of the hassle.

The amount of crossbows in the market is increasing and the features are growing. While most crossbows are great quality and have new features it is still important to go into the store knowing what it is you are interested in.

Important things to consider when choosing your crossbow are budget, weight, draw weight, speed and scope power. As far as draw weight goes, it is important to remember that the heavier the draw weight, the faster and more powerful the bow is. Draw weights vary from about 75 pounds to 175 pounds. While a powerful bow is important and desired, it is important to find a draw weight that works well with your strength.

The speed of a cross bow is measured in FPS, feet per second, and affects the size of game you can hunt with that bow. Finding a bow that shoots around 300 FPS is recommended. Any faster would be recommended for an expert hunter and any lower is not a high quality bow. This speed is perfect for hunting large game and getting an accurate shot.

Having a good scope on your crossbow is important to have good aim when hunting. You want to be able to have an accurate shot while staying far enough from your prey that you can have a chance at a shot. As hunters know it is important to not scare away your prey or you will end up having a very quiet night in the woods. Keep in mind that you want to make sure the scope fits your crossbow properly and does not get in the way of shooting.

A good beginner’s crossbow that works great for woman hunters is the Excalibur Axiom SMF. This crossbow is powerful, with a draw weight of 175 pounds. It is also lightweight which makes it easy to carry while hunting. This recurve bow is only $500 which is a great price for a bow. The  Excalibur Matrix is more expensive but it’s also a good model.

As woman hunters, we have to stay confident when looking for our hunting gear. Being knowledgeable of what we are buying is very helpful when shopping in outdoors stores that are marketed towards men and full of men workers.

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The Perfect Woman’s Recurve Bow

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We are back to the topic of hunting for woman here at AK4711. Many woman love to hunt but unfortunately this sport and hobby is looked at to be mainly for men. Many woman love to hunt or are interested in getting started. So I am writing this guide to help pick out the best recurve bow for woman hunters.

The right bow makes all the difference when hunting. With the right bow you can shoot from far distance while still shooting your target at a great speed and with accurate aim. So as a hunter, and more specifically a woman hunter, what is important when looking for a recurve bow?

You want to find the bow with the correct draw weight for your weight. Most woman need a lower draw weight than men since we tend to weigh less ourselves and not be quite as strong. The draw weight refers to how much power it requires to pull back the draw string and shoot the bow. The average draw weight for woman is somewhere between 25 pounds and 65 pounds depending on the woman’s strength and weight. It is important to get a bow that is not too difficult to shoot so you can have proper form and accurate aim when shooting.

The next thing to figure out is what height bow will work best for you. Just as important as it is to have a bow you can shoot and carry around all day you need a bow that fits you. If your bow is too big it is going to be difficult to carry and maneuver while hunting. To find the correct bow height you should measure your arm span from fingertip to fingertip and divide that number by 2.5. This number is the length your bow should be.

Other things you will need to look into are a right handed or left handed grip, what shape riser you prefer and the best limb quality. Although it tends to go with what hand you write with, it is helpful to try a few practice shots with bows or at least hold them to feel which side grip you prefer.

The riser is the shape of the bow. There are three main type of risers for recurve bows: deflex, reflex and straight. Relfex shaped bows are preferred for outdoor shooting and hunting because they are generally the fastest. Deflex shaped bows are also fast, but larger, making them more ideal for indoor target practice. Straight bows are mix of the two and are most popular because they work well with both indoor and outdoor shooting.

The market for recurve bows has grown immensely in the past few years and the quality of bows has increased as well. Odds are almost any bow that you are looking into buying will be a great choice but with the tips included in this article and more on how to buy bows for beginners, you are sure to make the right choice. Happy hunting ladies!

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